Have you ever walked into a church...

Have you ever walked into a church and felt like you walked into a lecture hall? Where the theology was great, but there was no real sense of God’s presence?

Have you ever walked into a church and felt like you walked into a concert hall? Where the music was beautiful, but the message was more about how to have a better life than about how to enjoy Eternal Life?

Sometimes in our desire to reach the culture we can go too far and end up just mimicking the culture. But the Church has a culture of its own, a culture that’s saturated with the message of the Gospel. Christian Worship isn’t primarily a theology lecture with an opening band. It isn’t a concert with some helpful life-hack tips. A Christian Worship service is—more than anything—is a Mystical Experience, and encounter with the Presence of God.

we’re not the first ones to do this

For thousands of years the Spirit has led godly men and women to search the Bible to see what God has told us about worship—we’re not the first ones to do this. The living faith of the saints who have gone before us is still with us…if we’re willing to listen. 

In the Liturgy, God comes to us and Calls us to Worship him through His Word. And we respond in beautiful Songs of Adoration.  

We hear his voice in a Reading from the Law. And we confess our sins together.

We hear God declare his unbreakable covenant-love for us in the Gospel, and He reassures us that our sins are forgiven. And we respond with thanksgiving and praise

In the Sermon we hear about how the Bible is primarily about what Jesus has done for us. How His sinless life and sacrificial death on the cross have liberated us from the shame of sin and the sting of death forever. And we respond with a transformed life.

And through the symbols of bread and wine Jesus is with us—He is communing with us—sharing with us the power of His Divine Life and giving us His blessing as we go out into the world to be lights.

He is here. He is with us.

We invite you to join us at Resurrection SD this Sunday as we Experience His Presence together through Word, Water, Bread, and Wine.


Spiritual Formation is where we learn how to live a balanced and beautiful life in Christ. It’s more than just learning about theology, it’s learning how that theology informs the way we live life together.
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