Beautiful Truth

We help people discouraged by pop-culture religion discover the beautiful truth of historic Christianity so that they can grow their faith into something beautiful.

People are becoming discouraged with religion in America, and for good reason.

Some people are discouraged by D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself) religion. Most people are willing to believe in God as long as they’re free to decide who God is and what He should expect from them. That kind of religion works until you find yourself in the kind of trouble where knowing who God really is becomes more important than telling him who He should be. Have you ever found yourself in a place where the god of your imagination didn’t have the power to help you?

Some people are discouraged by Cultural Christianity. Sometimes churches are more concerned with being big than they are with being faithful. Churches are responsible to bring God’s people into the depths of His Word, to put them in touch with the power of the Age to Come. When Christianity becomes more about what rules you follow, or what politics you hold, or how successful you are in this life, it loses its power. People soon find themselves longing for a deeper, more meaningful faith. Have you ever said to yourself, “I know Christianity is deeper than this, but how do I find it?”  

Neither of these forms of religion offers any lasting hope because they have been shaped more by pop-culture than by God’s self-revelation to us.

At Resurrection, we believe in living out a beautiful orthodoxy. In a world where lies are often presented as beautiful, and truth is often presented in an ugly way, we believe that Beauty and truth are necessary compliments. If something isn’t beautiful, it’s not really true. And, if something isn't true, it’s not really beautiful. The God who created both beauty and truth is revealed to us in the Bible. We have an obligation, therefore, to live and to teach its truths in a beautiful way.

That means we hold to orthodoxy, which means “right-belief.” We listen intently to know who God really is, and what God has actually said. This is hard at first because it confronts us with some uncomfortable truths about ourselves. But it quickly becomes beautiful as we discover that the heartbeat of Christianity is Grace. God sent Jesus into the world to forgive our sins, evaporate our shame, and defeat the sting of death forever. This salvation has been completely accomplished for us by Christ as our champion, and we receive it from God as a gift without any strings attached. It’s free. Because God loves you. That’s it.  God wants you to have Eternal Life and Joy and so do we.

  • Beautiful Orthodoxy


Having been saved by God’s grace we have an obligation to live the Light of orthodoxy in a beautiful way.

That means we learn to develop our ability to release ourselves into the power of the Holy Spirit as God cleanses us from our destructive desires and habits. We learn to re-order our lives in a way that honors God and lines up with the reality of the world as He created it. That includes caring about the things God cares about like social justice and racial reconciliation. It means caring for the poor. It means we need to communicate truth to the world as servants and not overlords. It means using the arts to communicate the beauty of truth to the world. And it means being open about our own brokenness so that other broken people can feel safe and have real community.

Here’s the best part: we don’t have to start from scratch. We’re not the first generation of Christians to do this. Generations of godly men and women have diligently studied the Bible, in the power of the Sprit, to see what it says to us about who God is, how we should worship him, and how He has instructed us to live beautiful lives. These truths were buried for a while in the Middle Ages, but recovered by the Reformation. And even though they have been buried again by Cultural Christianity and D.I.Y religion, there is now a beautiful resurgence of true apostolic faith, expressed in the Reformed confessions, happening in our time. It's happening now. We invite you to be a part of something beautiful for God. We invite you to join us as we grow our faith into something beautiful together.   

We know that visiting a new church can be intimidating. We’d like to make it easier.