Spiritual Formation

Our Spiritual formation team serves our church in three main ways: Family Ministry, Christian Education, and Community Groups.

Our Family Ministry includes both Men’s and Women’s ministries where our guys and gals can get together for fun events and community centered on solid biblical teaching. It also includes our Youth Ministry and biblical counseling—a service to our members and the broader evangelical community.

  • Christian Education

  • Community Groups

  • Family Ministry

  • Biblical Counseling

All of our Sunday School classes, children's (5-12), youth (13-17), and Adult meet every Sunday at 9:45

Our Christian Education ministry offers Sunday School classes every week based on the old school catechism curriculum of the Apostle’s Creed (theology), the Ten Commandments (Christian Life and ethics), and the Lord’s Prayer (Christian Spirituality) and presents them in fun easy to understand classes that come close to Seminary level. We believe, along with the Apostle Paul, that we have an obligation to renew our minds by learning as much as we can about what God has revealed concerning Himself, the world we live in, and the Grace of Salvation through Jesus. The more we know about God, the more beautiful he becomes. The more we love God, the better we’ll be empowered to serve Him by serving the world.

Our Community Groups are where we learn how to life together. In a small church you get to really know each other, sin and all. We rejoice in this because the more we know each other, and forgive each other, the more we start to look like Jesus. God knows all about us, and yet He loves us anyways. He calls us to enter into similar relationships where we are fully known and fully loved, and to then invite others into the same.

Interested in Christian Education or Joining a Community Group?


    Mission is where we share the beautiful life of Christ with the world through service that opens up relational bridges to preach the gospel. Resurrection is a mission of the Presbyterian Church to North America, meaning we are all missionaries to San Diego, the world, and the church.
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